Where’s little Saddie?

I met this girl once. She was a very lovely person. She wasn’t the best looking girl in town but she wasn’t bad looking either. She was somewhere in between.

One can simply say that she’s that typical girl you see almost everyday, nothing out of the ordinary. But what captured my attention was her smile. She smiles to almost everyone in the neighbourhood, including strangers like me. I know it sounds cliche, like in the movies, but her smile was somehow warm and comforting that it never fails to brighten anyone’s day. She was also very nice. Helping other people whenever she can, reminding people she knew to not skip lunch, saying a few caring words here and there and almost all the time telling people to be nice to one another. She wasn’t doing all these just to show-off, I can tell that she’s very sincere with everything that she does and says. After all, she’s still very young.

Now about that smile of hers that I was talking about, there was something very odd about it. I could tell that it was genuine but her eyes tell me otherwise.

It was like she was telling me a secret code by just looking right through me, though I couldn’t put my finger around it.

Days have passed and I’ve gotten quite close to her. I’ve met her parents already and I could tell that they were kinda strict and a bit controlling in a way. I find it disturbing how they sometimes talk bad about her, whether or not she’s there or whether or not someone’s there to hear them talk like that. What’s even more disturbing is how she could just shrug and smile and pretend like those words didn’t just come out of her parent’s mouth.

I didn’t really like that in one bit so I talked to her about it after a few days and this is what she told me:

“They’ve always been like that. Nothing new. I just learned how to carry on with my day and not complain about it. Now don’t get me wrong. I did try talking to them about how everything they say affected me but they told me that I’m just a kid and that my feelings and thoughts are invalid, that it didn’t matter, and I was just probably acting up to get attention. So I just left it at that.”

I didn’t know what to say to her. After telling me that, she smiled and went back inside their house, leaving me stunned outside.

I’ve never seen her again after that. “Where’s little Saddie?” people would often ask. At first I didn’t really know the answer to that. But as time passed by, every time people ask, “Where’s little Saddie?” I would smile and tell them, “We all know where little Saddie is. Try and look at the mirror, you’ll see.”


We’ve all been there before. Smiling and showing people that we’re good and everything’s fine but in reality it’s not. We mask those feelings with a simple ‘thumbs up’ and a little word of encouragement to others. We know the feeling of being neglected, rejected and having our feelings put aside, that is why we’re trying to be nice and kind to other people. But often times, we decide to just shut ourselves out and ignore everything and everyone around us thinking that the pain and hurt would go away that way. But it doesn’t. It never does. What we’re doing just adds up to the pain and worry of other people because, believe it or not, there are people who cares for you and your existence in this world. At one point in our life, we’ve all met little Saddie and been little Saddie for sometime too. Unfortunately, some of us are turning into her parents and it’s not good. Never bring people down just because you’ve been put down a lot of times before, instead lift them up. Help them, because we all know what it feels like to be little Saddie. Remember that your feelings and your thoughts are valid and that it matters. You matter. Everyone matters, so be nice to everybody including yourself.


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