My parents thought that there was something wrong with me as a child. Every day I would always stand in front of a mirror and just stare at my reflection there. It didn’t really bother them at first but when they notice that it became a habit, they decided it was best for me to be checked by child specialists. I remember being asked why I was doing that. I told them that she was calling my name and asking me to talk to her. My parents, along with everyone in that room, were shocked by my answer. They asked me to tell them more about this she, so I did. I told them that she would always tell me stories and jokes. Sometimes she would even ask me to do stuffs for her but I always decline by shaking my head from left to right. After that, they talked to my parents about it. My parents told them that I was an only child and I wasn’t talking that much. The only answer that they would get from me are body gestures. Because of that I didn’t have any friends. In the end, they disclosed it as me having an imaginary friend and it would be best if my parents spent more time with me. They said that having an imaginary friend isn’t a bad thing for I was still very young. Although they told my parents that it can be alarming if I become attached to it as I grow up.


Due to this, my parents started focusing on me and spending more time with me. However, this didn’t really stop her from talking to me. I would still hear her calling my name when I’m alone in my room. This kind of scenario happened almost everyday until my 12th birthday. I remember we were having breakfast and my mom told me about her plans for us that day. My dad asked me if there was something I want since it was my special day. I stopped eating my cereals and said, “I actually want the mirror in my room to be covered with a big cloth or maybe throw it somewhere if it’s okay with you.” Both of them looked at each other confused but agreed to cover it with a cloth since they can’t really throw it out for it has a sentimental value. After that, we went out to celebrate my birthday. The three of us enjoyed the whole day. On our drive home, my dad decided to ask me why I wanted that mirror to be covered. I looked at them and said, “She wants to get out and replace me.” They were both shocked but my mom shrugged it off and said, “Honey, we appreciate you being imaginative and all but don’t you think this is too much?” then my dad added, “Your mom’s right. You’re 12 now so I think it would be better if you keep your imagination to a minimum.” They still kept their words though and covered the mirror once we got home.


I am 21 now but I’m still living with my parents due to my mom’s request. I’m still using my old room and that mirror is still there, covered with a big cloth. I never told my parents this because they would never believe me. She was never my friend. I never really liked her. She scares me a lot and told me that she’ll do something bad to my parents if I don’t talk to her. I was young at that time so of course I’ll listen to her. I would stand in front of that mirror and stare at her, listening to every word she’s saying. Yes, that’s right. It’s not my reflection I’m looking at but her. The night before my 12th birthday she told me that she’s tired living in there so she wants out. She said she’ll live my life as me. I told her I’m not letting her out and I won’t be talking to her anymore. She didn’t like my answer and told me she’ll find another way out. Now every night I would hear a tapping on that mirror and I know she’s watching me. There would be nights where those tapping would stop. I wonder whose mirror is she tapping on to.


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