Don’t look back

Hi. It’s been a long time since I have talked to someone. It’s kinda hard to talk right now, given the situation that I am in. Anyways, there is something I want to tell you. You may not know me but that doesn’t matter. As for me, I know you very well. Now enough with the introduction and let’s get down to business.


Ever wonder why sometimes people tell you that they saw you in a place where you’ve never been to that day? Like they’ll tell you that they just saw you walking a few minutes ago but then you’ll tell them that you’ve never been out of the house since morning. Creepy isn’t it? People often refer to them as doppelgangers. They say that once you meet your doppelganger, you’ll die. Either it be by accident or something else. It is because in this world, there can never be two versions of you so the other one must die.


Know this, never take superstitions like this for granted. You’ll never know if it’s true or not. But one thing is for sure. He knows about this. He knows that there are those who believe in this and those who don’t. He’s the one creating those doppelgangers. He even knows about you. Yes you. The one reading this.


Now I’ll tell you what’s up. He knows that I’m spreading this. He knows that I’m talking to you. They call me a traitor and they are after me. I just want to pass this message before I’m caught. I’m sure that they’ll come after you as well. He’ll come after you.


One thing is definitely bothering you right? About the message. The message is not just about the superstitions. I just gave you a background as to what’s happening now that everyone seems to ignore. I don’t want to be too obvious about it so I’ll leave you a clue.


When this thing is over. When this situation that I’m in is over. I’ll come visit you. I’m not making promises though. Now, I’m not saying that you should believe me. I just want you to be aware of it. I want you to be careful. Don’t let him get you. He eliminates those who have a knowledge of this.


Shh. It’s okay. I know you’re smart so I know that you’ll get yourself out of this. If weird things starts happening, don’t trust anyone easily. I need to go now. I’ve left the message in the title and first letters of each paragraph. Read it and hope he’ll never catch you.


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