In case you didn’t know



I guess you didn’t notice.

Or maybe you didn’t know?

Yeah. That’s right.

You didn’t know.

That’s why I’ll tell you.


I’m hurt.

I was in pain.

You hurt me.

You’ve hurt my feelings.

Not just now nor yesterday.

Not even the other week.

You’ve hurt me many times before.

But that’s fine. I understand.


My heart was starting to leak.

That’s why I had to put bandages on it.

It was being ripped open.

But don’t worry, I’ve stitched it up.

Oh, and sorry for the patches on it too.

I was starting to notice holes in it.

Hope you’d understand.


I tried showing it to you the other day.

I tried showing the pain you’ve caused me.

But I guess you didn’t want to see that.

I guess you didn’t want a tattered heart like that.

But you could’ve just told me.

You didn’t have to throw it away.

And stepped on it. Over…and over again.


Now tell me.

How can I fix it now?

What should I do?

To tell you the truth,

I’m not really expecting any answers from you.

Because you didn’t know.

Because I didn’t tell you.

Because I kept quiet about it.

And I’m sorry. I’m sorry for that.


I’m used to people using my heart like that.

I’m used to people not knowing how to compromise.

But you know what hurt me the most?

You didn’t even apologize.

You made it clear to me that it was my fault.

D*mn that stupid pride of yours.

I’m the one who was hurt but I’m the one apologizing.


Oh right.

I apologize for not seeing this side of you before.

For not being aware of it.

Though you could have at least warned me firsthand.

So that I could have prepared myself for the worst.

And locked my heart away before you could even see it.


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